Debris Collection

A range of versatile workboats and equipment for debris collection & removal

We design and build innovative waterway management systems for efficient removal of litter, trash and natural debris, trees, logs, aquatic vegetation, silt and other navigational hazards.

Over 70 Water Witch workboats are in continuous operation for the major ports, harbor authorities and waterways of the world including Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Cape Town and London.

Our range of workboats have been developed to offer users a versatile, multi-tasking craft that can perform a wide range of duties in addition to efficient debris removal.

With payloads of up to 1 tonne with a single lift, ample 2.5 cubic meter capacity basket, and reach of more than 1 meter below the waterline, the Mk. 2 and Mk. 3 Water Witch Workboats makes easy work of removing floating litter and difficult items of debris.

Double Skipper Barge full of recovered debris

A Double Skipper Barge full of recovered debris

Difficult and bulky objects such as trees, logs and shopping carts are safely and efficiently removed using the powerful front-end loader. A log grapple attachment features additional hydraulic grip for secure handling.

The Water Witch system offers unrivaled recovery rates. Combined with a flexible, efficient waste storage and transfer system using our range of barges, capacities are almost unlimited.

A multi-function workboat

A truly multi-purpose craft, the Water Witch can be fitted with up to 11 different loader attachments for a variety of tasks including silt removal, bed leveling, weed cutting, weed ripping, lifting, chemical spraying, fire fighting, and oil spill recovery.

Our customers benefit from an efficient, cost-effective solution to many port and harbor requirements - taken care of by only one boat, with only one operator.